Knowsley Safari Park July 2010

Back in July (I know i’m rubbish at updating this thing, i’ll try harder I promise!) we went on a trip to Knowsley Safari Park. Poor little car can’t really take the distance but we managed to get there fine. Not the best day out, but certainly fun and interesting to get close to some of the animals. I’d read online some of the horror stories about monkeys tearing wing mirrors off, pulling your windscreen wiper blades off etc, so had that to look forward to if we went through the more risky drive through area.

These big birds are pretty scary up close!

Not the best quality image, apologies. It had to be cropped as he was stood miles away!

I chickened out and decided to avoid having this done to my already knackered car. Was fun to see though. Poor BMW.

I kept scaring this guy when my shutter made a clicking sound. Oops.

These camels were evil, one kicked my car after charging at me! How rude.

At the end of the drive around, there is a little funfair type thing for kids, which is pretty good!


The end of the day was spent watching this guy and his buddies performing tricks.
I think we were the only people there who were over 8 years of age, but it was brilliant.

Look at those clouds in Chantelles gigs!

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3 responses to “Knowsley Safari Park July 2010

  1. Fab shots, you know I have a lot to learn before shooting more nature/animal stuff, I best head down to some zoo/safari’s around here to take some snaps… great work :)

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