Scotland Part 1 – Castle Campbell & The Solway Coast

This post is waaaay overdue! Back in May 2010 we took a weeks break up to Dumfries & Galloway for my Cousins wedding. Apparently the Galloway forest is the second darkest place on earth, and the scenery around that particular area is stunning with its beaches, coasts and forests, so what better opportunity to get a tripod and make it a photography holiday too?! :)

We had planned to take a day trip up to Edinburgh, but planned a little detour on the way to a lovely small village called Dollar (to visit the family castle!). The village of Dollar was beautiful. Lots of local shops, a tiny stream running through the centre with cherry blossoms either side. It really was beautiful and well out of the way.

Behold! Castle Campbell! Although it’s a ruin these days you can still walk around it, but because of the repairs being done we couldn’t go. But still. We have a Castle.

After Castle Campbell we headed to Edinburgh where I took this shot of a headstone.

We pretty much rushed our way around Edinburgh which was a shame and I’d like to spend a bit more time there next time, but managed to get a snap of this clothes store which I thought had a very nice way of displaying it’s signage.

The next day we took a drive around the Solway Coast. Luckily we had stunning weather for the week so made the most of going to the beach :)

Not sure why, but there was a very random old letterbox on the beach. How odd.

Trying to get a sense of depth here.

A bit more detail.

I love this shot. Mum looking for crabs and small fish in the water and Chantelle just happily stolling along the beach.

Kind of Beatles Abbey road feel to it, but on a beach… Brilliant!

Another shot trying to use the rocks to lead the eye to a focal point. I think it worked.


Heading back to the car I turned to see this lovely view. It must be great to live so close to a beach.

See you soon lighthouse! I’m sure we’ll be coming back someday.

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2 responses to “Scotland Part 1 – Castle Campbell & The Solway Coast

  1. Ah, if the Beatles had been recording in a studio on Solway, that is just what the album cover would have looked like. Lucky for you they didn’t, the place would be swarming with tourists now! Great letterbox shot, and love the shop sign in Edinburgh.

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