Scotland Part 2 – East Lynn in Lochfoot & Mennock pass

Part 2 of the extremely overdue post. A few bits of the house we stayed in up in Lochfoot near Dumfries (Click here to see the apartment and book, I’d highly recommend it!) and some photos of a day trip out to Menoch Pass.

Our plastic chandelier in the bedroom of the apartment. Thought it was quite nice :)

Upon arrival we were greeted with this lovely card and bottle of wine from the owner. A great welcoming gift!

Some little elephant ornaments dotted around the house, which I thought were very nice.

Our apartment where we were staying was a little out in the middle of nowhere and so was in a great location for getting out into the countryside for walks. This little lamb was one of our neighbours, and was extremely happy to see us, probably thinking he was going to get fed.

This was where my parents were staying. A converted stables closer to Dalbeattie (click here to see).

This is Menochs Pass. A must see destination. Stunning views and amazing landscape!

Look at those people climbing the hill (mountain?) It was huge!

My Brother Nick and his friend Ellie who came up for the day to attend a family wedding.

And finally me and Chantelle, all dressed up and looking smoking hot! ;)

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